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Visit us in Harbor Beach on the corner of State and 3rd Streets at 9:30 this Sunday!

he Reverend Hays Wiltshire has blessed Harbor Beach 1st Presbyterian Church with his calm service and pastoral care. He preaches every 3rd and 4th Sundays with ruling elders filling in on the first two Sundays of the month. Hays presides over communion on 3rd Sundays.

Hays has brings a great message, full hope and steeped in the Word of God. He attended college in Hillsdale, MI and has deep roots in Michigan. He finds much satisfaction in living on the coast of Lake Huron in Harbor Beach, MI. His Bible scholarship helps many in the community to cope and live fulfilling lives. Hays has a calming demeanor, but his faith reveals a fire within.

The congregation is also served by Gayle Wooster, who frequently gives sermon's at First Presbyterian Church in Harbor Beach. She is currently working in the CLP program to become a commissioned lay pastor. In a previous career, Gayle was a school teacher and has extensivive knowledge and much practice in helping to spread the Word of God. Eva Ross is also working in the same program and helps out by serving on Session as well as giving sermons at the church.

William Rayment, attending the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary also fills the pulpit on various Sundays. Watch his Easter Sermon: the Empty Tomb. These four work together to maintain a vibrant liturgical program for the Church.

Please feel free to contact with your comments and thoughts.

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